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Updated: Jul 2, 2021

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The Extra Blog has rebranded to include business advice, legal templates for your business, and more for female entrepreneurs and boss babes!
The Extra Blog Rebranded!

I've been thinking about my origin story a LOT lately and honestly, getting back to the reason I started has been the main driving force for me to rebrand the Extra blog. I wrote about why I started the Extra Blog here and here (covered by Databird Journal), but the story is one worth repeating as it happens to women all the time. This time, I'll give you the real deets.

So here it goes....

I was the President of a local chapter of an international nonprofit, a well-known women's organization. There was this one girl - let's call her Tiffany - that really had it out for me. No matter what I did, I was just "too much."

No matter who spoke with her, myself or someone else, she just didn't stop coming for me in a really aggressive + frivolous manner - to the point of endangering the organization's reputation in the community and within our membership. In her mind, NOTHING I did was right. No matter how hard I worked to gain or build her trust, no matter how many projects I gave her to distract her nothing worked.

I even brought in a therapist to speak to my entire organization about appropriate ways to confront women (in a productive manner rather than attacking) as well as mediate a small group conversation between us in the hopes of just getting her to stop attacking me. I really, really tried you guys.


These are two attorneys, Dan Martin Fergus, III and Taylor Tomanka, from the law firm of Fergus & Tomanka, PLLC.
Fergus & Tomanka Law Firm

Instead, she tried to get me kicked out of my position by circulating a 4.5 page, single-spaced letter "about me" amongst my organization's leadership.

Being human, this got to me for a while.

For the rest of the year actually. And it really brought me down. Never in my life has someone just inherently not liked me just for being myself and then attacked me so mercilessly for no reason. You can imagine what this did to my self-esteem. It wasn't good.

But, slowly I started to actually believe a really great piece of advice I received, "What people think of you is both their past conditioning + their current emotions. It has nothing to do with you." That stuck with me.

And I knew I had to keep going, not just for my sanity, but for the rest of the women in my organization who truly believe in our mission and why we were there. I also had to prove to my leadership that I was elected for a reason. So, I stepped up and had some hard conversations with some hard-headed people. I got through the year with some great fundraising and volunteer results under my leadership belt as well, despite COVID cutting our volunteer efforts short.

What I learned from this experience is this: there are people out there that just want to see the world burn. They will never be happy, no matter what accomplishments they achieve or wealth they accumulate. They spend their entire life searching desperately for that "thing" or that "position" that they get so obsessed with -- and don't care how many people they hurt along their path. Those people you have to just give over to God (or whatever you believe!) and know that their heart isn't on you to fix or change, but you are responsible for YOUR actions/behaviors/reactions to them. Don't let them change your heart for others + life. Believe me, they really aren't worth it in the end.

These are the two attorneys, Dan Martin Fergus, III and Taylor Tomanka, of the law firm Fergus & Tomanka, PLLC
The attorneys at Fergus & Tomanka, PLLC

And honestly WHAT'S WRONG with being a little Extra?!

After that experience, I wanted a way to get likeminded women together to support + empower other women to just FULLY be themselves all the time - the way they are in private with just their family. So, I took back the word "Extra" and made it the name of my blog.

We believe that every woman should be met where she's at AND celebrated for who she is (her Extra-ness if you will!)!


You may be thinking -- GREAT Taylor - I'm so happy for you, but we basically already knew all of this already....what exactly are you doing differently?

I'm going to be exclusively focusing content on:

What does this mean?

By adding a Business component to the Extra, I'm essentially focusing on helping out driven, busy women when you boil it down.

To help start you guys (and the Extra) out on successful footing - I have come out with a FREE Business Starter Kit to help you realize your DREAM of starting your own business and living your best life!

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Who Runs The World? Women & Girls

The best part? I'm putting my law degree to good use and selling Legal + Business Templates and Legal Packages as well! as well as full of everything you need to start your own successful business! I'll be doing a LOT more business posts in the future, things like....

In this package, you'll find all the documents you need to monetize and protect your brand!
The Influencer Legal Package

I'm also eliminating fashion and beauty posts for now, but won't be getting rid of anything already on the site (so don't worry - my makeup and hair tutorials will be archived on the site!). I'll be honing the other part of the blog down to home posts, things like....

  • Home Organization (Coming July)

  • Home Decor (Coming July)

  • Holiday Decor

And amazing Lifestyle Resources like...

Lifestyle Resources that the Extra Blog has: self-care, busy women resources, tedtalks, podcasts, join the Extra Community and more!
Lifestyle Resources for Busy Women


(1) Business - Expertise. I have my B.S. in Public Relations as well as my law degree and Masters in Business Administration. I took mostly business-related legal classes in law school and have started several of my own businesses. Wanting to both help + support women plus my expertise in business foundations and entities, it seemed like a no-brainer to add a business resource to the blog for other business babes like me.

(2) Life. My husband and I rather suddenly moved our lives and our law firm from West Texas to just outside the Austin, Texas area and as a husband-wife work duo - we both need my head in the game right now. These first few months are crutial for our business and building a brand here in town. Adding more business content in allows me to level up my law firm game, while bringing you the latest and best tips - that have been tested and actually work. Win, win.

(3) Home Style - Passion. I originally wanted to go to design school or major in fashion journalism in college. I ended up changing my journalism degree midway through college for what I thought was a more practical degree, but miss fashion and interior design SO much. Style and design are my true passions and how I utilize my creative side. I love bringing a space alive with color and texture!

And focusing on helping women pursue their business and life dreams genuinely makes my heart so happy. Seriously.

I'm really looking forward to this rebrand and THANK YOU for being a part of this journey. I hope you continue on with me as I move into this new horizon with my blog. Let me know what you think by dropping a comment below!

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