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Updated: Apr 8, 2021

If you didn't already know, I'm transitioning to a more socially conscious and clean-based approach to beauty, life and home. I talked about why in my IGTV post on Clean Beauty here:

Why do I believe this is important? Aside from the many, many studies out there about the negative health affects (and my above reasoning), my experiences as a family attorney have led me to this decision. Where I live in West Texas, most of the kids testing positive for drugs are between the ages of 0-5. Why? These are the kids that are crawling or rolling all over the floor (drugs get into the carpet and walls), they're pulling up on coffee tables with drugs on them, and then sticking their fingers in their mouths - like ALL children do.

They aren't even necessarily in the room when it happens, but if they're in a house where drugs are rampant, they'll test positive. Now, this is an extreme example, but it does show you how much your children's environment truly does affect what goes into their body. If they can pick up drug residue from coffee tables and carpets, think about what they pick up from your cleaning products?!? If they're bad for kids, they're also bad for animals. I lost a family cat to pesticide poisoning and have two fur babies of my own now. I would die if something happened to them so I decided to switch to clean, all-natural products. If you want to begin your clean living journey - cleaning up your cleaning routine is a great place to start.

To begin the deep clean - you'll need the following cleaners and supplies:

  • Dish Soap

  • Bathroom Cleaner

  • Multi-Surface Cleaner

  • Microfiber Cloths

  • Cleaning Clothes

  • Sponges

  • White Vinegar (or a vinegar based product)

  • Floor Cleaner

  • Baking Soda

I've broken down, and tested, all of the products listed here to give you a brief review as well as how good for the planet or non-toxic each brand is. After I thought about how dangerous it was to represent cleaning brands that contain chemicals I can't even pronounce, I went on a cleaning BINGE for natural, clean cleaning products to deep clean our home. All of the products below are linked to their product pages that list out their ingredients. Some contain alcohol, some don't, etc. So if you are sensitive or looking for pure, all-natural check the product link first.

Rail19 Glass Spray Bottles

I broke down each bottle into refillable and reusable glass bottles from Rail19. They have the BEST glass containers and I can't recommend them enough They are chic but also work super well.

Buff Microfiber Towels

Not only are these the sustainable alternative to paper towels, they clean mirrors and glass without streaking! They're great.

Drill Brush

The Drill Brush brushes come as drill attachments and are super easy to take on and off your drill you already have at home. They come in different colors which differentiate the different levels of 'scrub' you need. For example, the one I have is for cleaning those hard to clean areas like the bathtub and grout/tile in the bathroom.

ThreeMain - Bathroom Cleaner, Multi-Use Cleaner, and Dish Soap

The only cleaner that gives you refillable bottles in its starter kit and allows you to purchase JUST the refills at a cheaper price. All of its cleaning products are formulated without parabens, sulfates, or synthetic fragrances, and is non-toxic, biodegradable, and pet-friendly. It's also gluten-free, cruelty-free, and 100% biodegradable. Get the ThreeMain Starter Kit with all 3 for under $30 here!

Multi-Use Cleaner

Use the Mult-Use Cleaner On: your floors, countertops, walls, and fixtures

Review: Aside from how much I love the teal skinny, aluminum bottles (and I DO!), the multi-use cleaner is great on anything. I've been using it on the kitchen and bathroom sinks the most. I can't stand a dirty sink - surely I can't be the only one on this!

Bathroom Cleaner

For Use On: hard water stains and build-up.

Review: Since this is specifically formulated to kick hard water stains and build up to the curb, this has been the perfect cleaner for the shower and our shower head. Regularly cleaning your shower head will improve water pressure - btw - for all my other gals out there who LOVE a hot, steady stream of water pressure.

Dish Soap

For Use On: Dishes

Review: This is the only dish soap product I tried out, but I love these ThreeMain products, so I wasn't too worried. I normally keep our dish soap in a glass container and hate having to buy plastic refill bottles knowing how bad they are for the world (and Abilene NOT having a recycling program...). The aluminum bottles and biodegradable refill pouches solves this problem.

Get the ThreeMain Starter Kit with all 3 of the above products for under $30 here! It sets you up with the aluminum bottles as well as initial refills to fill them up! You can then buy the biodegradable refill pouches individually or in bulk from there.

Aunt Fannie Cleaning Vinegar + Window and Glass Cleaner

Aunt Fannie is Leaping Bunny certified, non-toxic, kid and pet friendly, and is a plant-based cleaner with essential oils. It is also EWG A-rated for your safety.

Cleaning Vinegar

For Use on: food surfaces like counters, fridge, high chair trays. Also works on outdoor furniture, grill areas, and more.

Review: I was skeptical that this cleaning vinegar (what?) would work - but it really does. I use this in the kitchen to get stuck on food off the countertops and sink. It does have a vinegar smell, but I guess that's to be expected as its literally in the name. It does smell better than most cleaning products though!

Window and Glass Cleaner

For Use On: For windows, mirrors, light fixtures, chrome and stainless steel.

Review: I've been using this cleaner for the past few months on all of my mirrors before I shoot any content and buff it (this method prevents streaks) with a Buff microfiber towel. It works like a charm! I definitely love this product.

Dr. Brite Multi-Purpose Cleaner + Surface Wipes

This brand is the only one that contains alcohol but is also methanol-free. It is cruelty-free, vegan, and the formula contains NO toxic chemicals, bleach, or chlorine. It meets the CDC's guidelines to kill viruses and bacteria and was developed by two (super badass) female doctors, so you KNOW its good.

Use code EASTER20 for 20% off April 4-5th!

Multi-Purpose Cleaner

For Use On: perfect for everyday cleaning or sticky messes.

Review: Since this brand does contain alcohol, it's perfect for tougher areas like the bathroom. I use this on the bathroom countertops after Martin gets ready (how many little hairs can possibly come off of one man?!) and cleaning the toilet (gross, but it has to happen).

Surface Wipes

For Use On: also perfect for everyday cleaning or sticky messes.

Review: I use these in the kitchen or to wipe off the coffee table while also disinfecting things that get touched a lot like our remote. This brand does contain alcohol (and you can smell it), but I've noticed that the wipes don't dry out your hands like most do.

Meliora Home Cleaning Scrub + Oxygen Brightener

Meliora is a B Corp, committed to a sustainable business that considers its impact on people and the planet as well as profit. We’re also a member of 1% for the Planet, which means at least 1% of gross sales go to our environmental nonprofit partners. They're formula is also Plastic-Free, Chlorine-Free, Dye-Free, Preservative-Free, Palm-Oil Free, Cruelty-Free, + Fragrance-Free.

Home Cleaning Scrub

For Use On: works great on the tub, tiles, and stovetops around your home, including Stainless Steel, Ceramic/Porcelain Tile, and the Stovetop.

Review: I use this on hardware stains in the bathtub and toilet rings. The product works great especially if you sprinkle + wet the formula and leave it for a few minutes - it really gets that gross tub ring of grime off.

Oxygen Brightener (Bleach Alternative)

For Use On:

Review: I've been using this on the stovetop (how much food does YOUR husband get on the stovetop when he cooks?!?) on those hard to get off food stains. It also works on tea and wine stains! You do need to mix it with water to use, but it goes a LONG way because of this. You only need 1 tablespoon per 8-16 ounces of water. Since its such a liquid forward cleaner - its also perfect for your laundry load!

Let me know if you've ever tried any of these products or want to! I can try and get you a discount or code to help out. :)


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