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If you’re an existing small business owner - you're in the right place!

This is the spot where you can improve your business by focusing on its legal needs. 


The goal of this legal blog is to help support female creative entrepreneurs grow & scale their business without having a business degree, business expertise or extensive business knowledge. Any woman can be a successful business owner, no matter where they came from, where they started, how old they are, or their educational background.

I believe that as long as you have the right tools + the right people are you - you CAN be successful in business - matter what. 

So, let's get you setup with the right resources and tools!


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Video: "4 Mistakes Your Making With Your Small Business" 

Legal Consulting Services
To learn more about Legal Consulting Services, including who they're meant for - check out this page

Custom Contract Draft & Consultation
For those who don't see a specific contract listed for their small business below and those wanting a custom contract for those without a contract in place at all. Purchase the Custom Contract Package and gain access to an hour's worth of the attorney's time both before and after the contract is drafted to ensure it fits your exact needs and that you understand what each provision means. 

Contract Review
This is for those with existing contracts either (1) from other companies wanting to contract with you or (2) for those of you who want to review your own contract drafts.
Note: Before your scheduled consultation, be sure to email your contract draft to TaylorattheExtra@gmail.com so that I can review and prepare beforehand. 

Legal Templates
Note: Click on the templates below to learn more about each one

Disclaimer Add-Ons
Health & Medical Disclaimer
Media Consent Form
Assumed Name Certificate
Confidentiality Agreement

Contract Legal Templates:
Guest Blogger Agreement
     Coaching Agreement
     Podcast Guest Release
     Content Creator/Blogger Contract

Photographer Contracts:
Wedding Photographer Contract
Family Photographer Contract
Event Photographer Contract
Licensing Rights Photographer Contract

Legal Blog Posts
I post new content for small business owners each Friday
and often include step-by-step lists, steps + processes, timelines and shortcuts for small business owners, so be sure to check back regularly

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