Content Creator Templates

Included below are legal documents and forms created JUST for Content Creators!

Content Creators is a pretty vague term - but I meant it that way! I mean bloggers, YouTubers, podcasters, photographers, graphic designers - really anyone related to creating brand content in any way. 

The Typical Need for Legal Documents Looks Like This:

While all of the below are very important legal documents, I urge you to also download the following helpful (& cheap!) Mini-Guides as they will help substantially when it comes to setting up your small business: (1) How To Start a Blog: A Beginner's Guide; (2) form your business entity using the Business Starter Kit; and (3Managing Your New LLC upon receipt of registration of your business entity from the State.


And if you're feeling overwhelmed and need someone to talk to about all of this, I offer a FREE 15 minute consultation.