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Don't waste your energy trying to change opinions ... Do your thing, and don't care if they like it. -- Tina fey


Hi!, y'all!

Hi, y’all, I’m Taylor the founder of Taylor the Attorney, where I aim to empower, educate and equip female, creative entrepreneurs to protect their business ASSE(t)S by outsourcing their legal needs. I’m a big believer  that women can accomplish anything with the right tools, strategies and team around them – regardless of a lack of a business degree or experience. 


I may have reached out to you for coffee lately, or maybe I helped answer a question for you in one of my weekly Live Videos. You may have gotten a tip or two from me, @TaylortheAttorney, on Instagram, or maybe I calmed you down during a major venting session in my Facebook Group The Female Creative Entrepreneurs Community. Maybe you found me because you just Googled, “online small business attorney.” Either way, I’m stoked you’re here.


I’m a high-energy, team-oriented female lawyer who genuinely loves helping other women achieve their dreams and hates the thought of being called a “normal” attorney. I have been a practicing attorney in Texas for the last 7+ years and a small business owner myself the past 4 years. I co-own and run a law firm with my husband in Austin, Texas and am a four (4) time recipient of being elected to the Texas Super Lawyers Rising Stars list, of which only 2.5% of Texas attorneys are chosen. 


Though I help all creative, female entrepreneurs with their legal needs, I specialize in managing and scaling small businesses within the first five (5) years. Only ~50% of small businesses make it to year five (5), making the first few years the most important and formative years of your business’ life. It is vital to implement the right strategies, use the right tools and hire the right team to get you to year 10 – and Taylor the Attorney can help you get there!


I aim to help women protect themselves from the legal ramifications + liabilities associated with owning their own business by providing full service legal outsourcing services, including easy-to-use legal templates and one-on-one legal coaching. 


At my law firm, I represent several businesses full time otherwise known as being “general counsel” for the business. I have worked with countless other businesses that have outsourced partial legal work, such as contract review, contract creation, business audits, and more. I noticed that for small businesses just starting out – there weren’t any cheaper, reliable legal options available to them. That’s why I started the DIY Bar – available to creatives 24/7, the DIY Bar allows entrepreneurs to pick and choose between common individual legal templates that they can immediately download and implement themselves.  


Whether you’re brand new to the business world or you have owned an existing business for years, I hope we can connect – I love engaging with my audience!

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