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DIY your business' legal tasks with the help of the DIY Bar or
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Want to get help from a real attorney, at an affordable price, online and on your own schedule?

Did You Know...

I don't just sell easy-to-use legal templates and provide affordable, online legal consultations...I do much MUCH more than that:

  • I educate my clients on their small business needs & liabilities

  • I review contracts (both ones you've written and ones others have written for you to sign) 

  • I train clients on negotiation and contract techniques, tactics and strategies

  • I answer initial questions for FREE

  • I can walk you through the business formation process or, if you own an existing business, I can walk you through what your business' liabilities are based on your current existing business situation

  • I provide quick tutorials, tips and tricks on my Instagram account @TaylortheAttorney

  • I post a new blog post each Friday and often include step-by-step lists, steps + processes, timelines and shortcuts for small business owners

  • I also go Live every Wednesday in the Facebook Group Female Creative Entrepreneurs Community on a different legal or business topic & once a month I host another woman in business to share her struggles, successes and advice. 

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DIY Small Business Kit


Only $9.99!

If you want to skip the free 15 minute consultation that we offer, the Business Starter Kit contains everything you need to know to start your own business - all on your own! 

Inside the Kit you'll find:

  • How To Research & Plan

  • How To Form Your Business Entity

  • How To Apply For Federal & State Taxes

  • How To Manage Business Finances

  • How To Create An Online Shop

  • How To Get Insurance

  • How To Contract

Wanna skip the one-one-one? That's cool too!

You can go straight to downloading the Business Starter Kit!

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Hi! My name is Taylor + I'm a small business attorney. I currently run a law firm in Round Rock, Texas, as well as this blog, the Extra Blog, a legal blog for female entrepreneurs of creative-based businesses. 


I focus on helping female entrepreneurs, specifically creatives (think: bloggers, photographers, podcasters, coaches, event planers, etc.), with their small business legal needs by engaging in one-on-one legal consultations (also avail. for groups) and by providing legal easy-to-use templates.


I also work with small businesses on everything from formation of their business entity to help with their social marketing and blogging needs, guiding them through the logistics & setting them up for success. 


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